Holding on

Sj√∂gren’s syndrome has laid me low. The pain of the inflammatory arthritis can’t be ignored, it’s eating my joints from the inside. The stress of my life is eating me alive. B eats my mind, my soul, my confidence and motivation. I go to the oncologist or a mammogram and wonder why I bother, would […]

Beginnings II

I am always watchful, wary of the first glimmer of the fire that wants to burn me, scorch my skin, turn me into the puddle he can stomp, muddle my thoughts until desperate escape is the only goal. He starts with the tiniest spark, a hasty reply, offhand remark, he can’t let them spiral away […]

Beginnings I

I am desperate to express myself. Too many things rattling around in my head and bumping into one another. B can’t or won’t listen to me, I talk to friends but the words hang there. Stop living inside my head, rake it smooth, see order and harmony emerge from chaos. I tell myself stories, alternative […]